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Garden History...


It was in 1970 that Lise and Fernand bought the land of 4 acres, where there is now their garden and where Fernand built the house. In 1972, they made a garden by including bulbs of annual and perennial flower seeds.


In the 1980s, they create small rockeries around the house and each year more and more space is devoted to landscaping which will become over time the garden of perennials of now. Moreover, they won several competitions"Maison fleurie".


In 1994, Fernand lost his job and began to expand the development that had already begun and it is a few years later that the garden was opened to the public.


Today, Les Jardins Vivaces de Fernand have a collection of perennial flowers most sought after and impressive structures were built to beautify their environment and to offer the nature of beauty that brings an incomparable wellness to the visitors.


When you go to visit, take the time to feel the scene, take the time to breathe, take time to marvel because each flower is like a jewel to discover and admire in the heart.

A view of a part of the garden in 1980

A view of the same part of the garden in 2014

Lise & Fernand

Every year they did, and still do, a tour of the garden centers to discover the perennial that they do not have and the novelties of the year. Since they returned home with more plants than they had beds for them, it was necessary to create others to make some place to the new arrivals.


So, this is how every year, passion of perennial, landscaping and contact with the earth and the nature has grown and evolved to create the garden you can see today.


In winter, no no, they do not rest. They still continue to work to develop the garden, as Fernand works with wood and Lise realizes paint on manufactured parts. Everything you see in the garden wood was handmade: bridges, huge gazebo, and the rustic furniture.


All for their own pleasure, but also for the pleasure of sharing with everyone the beauty. Passion and in balance with life created "Les Jardins vivaces de Fernand."

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